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"We love this product and it works! We give to our dog and our neph-dog. Totally worth it."
Paul Delmerico
Regular customer
"Thank you for your great product, I have recommended it to many of my friends and customers and all have noted changes for the better with their best friend."
Robert Kitzman
Accounts Manager at Cid's Food Market
"We have been using this for a year now our older Boston Terrier ha shown major improvement in movement and activity level. We have noticed better looking coats on all three of our dogs. Great product."
Kindle Customer
"Just one bottle and I’ve seen an AMAZING difference in my Maxs’ ability to move freely. He used to get up so stiff and now he just pops right up. We’re able to take longer walks together as he doesn’t tire as quickly as he used to. This stuff works and he seems to love it on his dry kibble. Thank You!!"
Amazon Customer
Tucson, AZ
"I have a 15-month old, male German Shepherd, who has several “hot spots”, in particular on both his thighs. He actually has given himself a “buzz cut” by constantly gnawing on his thighs. This product was recommended to me by my breeder and I must say, it has worked tremendously well. After using two bottles, 4 tbsp per day, he has essentially stopped the scratching/gnawing and his coat is starting to grow back in. Additionally, his coat has become very soft, lustrous and looks very healthy……..not to mention he likes the taste of the gravy. 😉"
marc kortenray
"I highly recommend Doggess Dressing, not only for its joint benefits, but also for its benefit to the dog’s coat. Coat became healthier looking and with less shedding. Plus, Finley liked the flavorful addition to his regular food."
Marilyn McCrindle
"Teddybear, 11 year old ex-racing Greyhound. She is healthy and active. I have been using your product since you first introduced it to my pet store in Albuquerque. I love it and am happy it includes all the supplements I would give individually, otherwise."
Marilyn G.
Albuquerque, NM
"We have been using Doggess with our 10 year old Rottie and it has made a HUGE difference! Rusti is a rescue dog and when we first adopted him, he could hardly get up off his doggy bed. After we started using Doggess, he is able to jump right up from his bed and is even almost able to get himself into the pickup now!! Doggess has made a world of difference for our 90 pound pup and its clear that Rusti feels better than ever."
Elizabeth Martin

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