About Our Products

We are committed to the quality of our products and only use USA sourced natural ingredients.

Not just some ‘stuff’ in a bottle...

Doggess Dressing caters to the dog owner that wants only the best for their best friend: Made fresh and shipped fresh, proudly sourced and hand crafted in the USA.

  • It is a simple, clean and honest product
  • Blended to be safe and effective
  • Small batch productions to ensure truth in labelling and exceptional quality
  • Human grade ingredients, no by products or fillers
  • DOGGESS DRESSING is NOT in pill form, which our customers love
  • No hidden synthetics or concealments that can harm your best friend
  • Naturally delicious liquid formula promote better absorption

We make Doggess with only natural, healthy and sustainable ingredients for people who believe their dog’s quality of life is just as important as their own.

What's in the gravy?

7 key ingredients + added Vitamin C, with effective supplement levels of Glucosamine (600mg), Chondroitin (200mg), and Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil (1000mg) to help improve hip and joint mobility, reduce shedding, improve mental sharpness and support the immune system.

Pharmaceutical grade chondroitin plays an important role in cartilage formation by inhibiting degradative enzymes that promote cartilage breakdown. 

Pharmaceutical grade glucosamine slows progression of arthritis by lubricating joints and reducing inflammation.

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil contains Omega 3 Fatty Acids. It supports healthy skin and coat. Sustains strong teeth & nails. Reinforces joint health. Immune system and anti-inflammatory support. Improves brain function in older dogs & supports healthy brain development in puppies. 

Lecithin improves mental sharpness and physical performance. Supports healthy skin & coat.

Vitamin E promotes healthy-shiny coat, heart health, eye health and anti-oxidant immune support.

Parsley is a natural antioxidant that contains iron, calcium, potassium, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin & manganese. It is beneficial to your dog’s liver & digestive system as it reduces urgency to urinate. It also breaks congestion in eyes, nose and mouth.

Olive oil contains Omega 6 fatty acids and packed with vitamins A & E. It helps prevent cardiovascular disease & cancer. It also reduces shedding, strengthens nails & improves digestion. 

Natural, nutritious and delicious for pups young and old!

What IS NOT in the gravy?

Just as important as what you add to your dog’s meals is what you take out.

  • NO glucosamine form unknown shellfish sources -- Only the highest quality vegetarian glucosamine!
  • NO unsustainable shark cartilage -- Only bovine sourced chondroitin!
  • NO palm oils, NO stearic acid -- They limit nutrient absorption!
  • NO Stevia -- This can cause diarrhea!
  • NO sodium benzoate -- When mixed with Vitamin C (citric or absorbic acid), it converts into benzene which is HIGHLY CARCINOGENIC!

100% safe and natural!

Why give your dog synthetics and other medications than can do more long term harm than good?

Veterinarians routinely prescribe Rimadyl and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to promote mobility in dogs with joint issues. But these drugs, made of synthetic chemicals, carry worrisome side effects like liver and kidney damage.

Simply try pouring Doggess Dressing over your dog’s dry food. You’re getting an all-natural and safe product that provides your dog with pharmaceutical grade supplements in effective levels per serving.

Quick tip for optimal results

We made Doggess delicious so you don't need to hide those tablets or ‘tasty treats’ in cheese...

For maximum mobility in their senior years, you’d want your dog on an anti-inflammatory diet.
For dogs this essentially means non dairy diet.

So don’t treat Spot to morsels of cheese or dollops of yogurt, or you’ll be undermining the therapeutic effects of all the ingredients listed above!

Healthier dog. Great Price.
No more stinky hands handling treats.

And what else?